Baths of Caracala + Stalker take 2

First thing in the morning we headed out to the baths of Caracala in order to take our first stab at watercolor painting.  We were also reintroduced to Peter Lang who we had meet at our final review back in Newark.

We headed off to the Circo Massimo that was once a large horseracing spectacle in Roma.  Right next door is the Baths of Caracala were we would be doing watercolors for the first time.  To be honest I did not know what to expect since I had never done a watercolor before.  But first we got to see the baths themselves.  They were quite amazing.  The scale of the building compared to the human scale was enormous and just imagining the completed walls and ceilings with patterns, frescos, and beautiful materials would be quite a magnificent sight.  If only there was a time machine that could get us to take a look back in time to witness the views of the grand spaces the Romans imagined.

My first Watercolor painting...

After the Baths of Caracala, we walked around the area and eventually came up to a park that was perched on top of a hill and had a great view of Roma.  I just couldn’t resist so I took a panoramic shot.

Panorama After the Baths of Caracala in the nearby neighborhood

After our try at water coloring, (scanning coming soon), we went on another adventure with our friends from Stalker with Lorenzo and Julia.  Our trip now consisted of walking along the Tiber River at a level close to the water.  During this trip we saw how high the water can get in the Tiber and the need for the wall was eminent, yet the architecture and play with space was a bigger opportunity missed throughout this wall.

Nice bridge on our walk over

Along the way, we saw a series of pull-up bars that RJ, Edwin, and Caio climbed up on and created a Person Pic of the Day.

Person Pic of the Day - RJ Edwin and Caio

After this walk, we headed to an old slaughter house which was now divided into multiple parts, one being a part of a architecture school and exhibit, another a place for new people trying to immigrate to Roma and find a way into the system.  The reorganization of the area by Stalker for the refugees is a great attempt to better the situation of people trying to make their way into Roma.  By renovation the existing building, and also giving jobs that helped Stalker in public exhibits to the people who lived there was a great way to build up the community and eventually the diversity of Roma.  I do like where Stalker is going with this social discovery and social benefits for everyone living there.  I guess the experience of moving to Santa Maria della Pieta will be another chance to see how Stalker really works.

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