Live+Work+SMdP=One Intense Experience Day 1

Old aerial Perspective of the SMdP

During these past few days we have been working more and more on fixing the place up and also learning about the history behind the Psychiatric ward.  Monday morning we woke up promptly and were up and at-em ready to learn more about where we are living and working.  Our first experience was a visit to the recently established museum that is an interactive exhibit with direct linkage to the psychiatric ward.  Not only does the museum have exhibits explain what had happened in the psychiatric ward, along with stories of patients, it also explained and gave you a first hand experience on what it feels to have a specific mental condition.  Although the museum was provocative and interactive, the curator who was giving us the tour would not shut up… He was definitely a person that likes to hear himself talk.  I bet the tour would have been better if we all got to roam free for at least a half hour and then have him explain every little thing.  The exhibit would def be successful as a public venue where people pay a fee and are allowed to experience it all.

Psychiatric Interactive Museum in SMdP

After the museum adventure, we broke up into pairs for a derive exercise.  I decided to go solo on this adventure so I could experience a true derive that is purely based on my experience.  I walked towards the back of the complex and encountered a series of almost identical abandoned buildings and what were weird slightly immaturely built fountains.  In addition I saw many places around the site that were more pleasant and curious.  After our derives, we all were told to draw on top of an old stage with some concrete as chalk.  It was fun and came out better than I originally thought.  To be honest, I thought it was going to be a waist of time, but the merging of experiences really helped get a sense of the whole site.


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