Siena at a Glance

Day 2 in Siena and fortunately today was a great day from the moment I woke up.  Things here are slower, more settling, and all around just more fun.  Being engulfed in a medieval city is great, yet with today’s short walking lecture/tour from Peter and Jim shows that things are not really as pure as a Medieval but a constantly changing and evolving city.  Today was great minus the Internet condition that keeps plaguing us from the beginning of this trip.  Although the nerves are growing very short with Jim so hopefully his nerves and fuse won’t blow up trying to solve the issue. Anyway back to my first full day in Siena…

To begin things off, the ladies at the front desk of the university dormitory do NOT know a single word in English.  Although the few students that are still lingering for their final exams know English very well and are extremely helpful.  Unfortunately, in a couple of days these students will leave and we will be left all by ourselves.  Maybe it might be time to pick up a Rosetta Stone Italiano… hopefully Italian will come to me, I can only hope.

Duomo from Afar                                                     Santuario di Santa Caterina

In the morning, it was time to get myself acclimated with the city of Siena and know all the hot spots, good food, also cheap+good food, super market, other markets, where to get art supplies, and, most importantly, understand the city fabric.  Although I did not successfully get all of that in one day (insert sarcasm: sorry Jim I’m not that good yet) I got to know a lot of things.  Found 2 art supply stores very close to the Campo and even closer to each other.  Also, found a few small stores and a supermarket, which definitely helps with saving money.  Additionally Jim handed out id cards that gets us into the dining halls of the university and has dinners and lunches for about 4-5 euro for 3 course meals that are also GOOD! Great money saver.  Also had a chance to sit in on the Campo again and also going to sit there again tonight and have a relaxing night.  Just because the Campo is not the “belly button” or the “moondus” of Siena doesn’t mean its not one of the best public spaces in the world that is a beautiful place to congregate.

Palazzo Publicco                                        Bishops House Next to Duomo

Also, just to back track a little, Peter and Jim lead a tour of a little bit of Siena to teach us how to be “Professional Tourists” and not just have our pictures taken in front of a place that “looks medieval.”(great laugh btw) At least now, or at least I think, I could be able to tell the difference between what is reminiscence of 12th century Medieval or new look-a-likes done in the 19th century.  Ill try to test my knowledge tomorrow on another walk around Siena.


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