Analytique | Watercoloring…

Antiporto di Camollia…

Different from many others, the Antiporto is not attached to the Siena Wall fabric and stands on its own.  Additionally, the Antiporto served as a stepping stone into Siena from Florence after the Florentines took over Siena and placed the Fortezza with guns pointed at the Sienese.

3 pages of sketches, studies, proportions, and etc. while directly on site and figuring out the best drawings that could correlate to each other on the Analytique.

The Analytique before applying the watercolors (after I got over being a nervous wreck and finally getting some balls to put down the first coat of the watercolors…)

My watercolor color palette.  Was quite proud of the colors I had developed for the analytique.

…and of course the FINISHED product, rendered in beautiful watercolors

…also some test pageshelped settle the nervous wreck I was before watercoloring

  1. September 2nd, 2010

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