Lorenzetti Redux – GoodvsBad Government

For the good government collage, the concept was to create what is today the struggle to have a successful society through proper government interventions.  The critical issue that will present the greatest challenge is sustainability not just environmentally, but economically, fuel efficiency, socio-politically, and etc… Sustainability will be more than just being “Green” .  Contemporary society, or possibly the next generation should be renamed the Sustainability Era, needs to calculate how to most efficiently get supplies to and from cities, supply the general populous, still make profit to maintain commerce, and do all of this by using little to no additional resources or better yet have the system be self sustaining.  Perpetual motion is impossible, but a cycling closed looped system can achieve a perpetual motion society that with only an initial investment the system can sustain itself without any, and I mean ANY, additional resources.

Bad Government, divided by a wall of guns and violence, bridging the gap between good and bad societies and infecting other more civil societies.  By unnecessary bloodshed and violence, the world will eventually implode on itself.  Additionally, governments have been using wars to better themselves as a global power and assume dominance.  Globalization is a world that people dont want to hear, but it is happening and will continue to advance no matter how disruptive governance achieves.  Soon a world high diversified will eventually bring itself to a knowledge far beyond today’s standard in order to create a world more suitable to sustain itself and not waist resources on barbaric violence and greed.

  1. September 2nd, 2010

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