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The Trip In

The flight was long, the sleeping was short, the troubles were filled, but it all payed off; we were in Rome.

To recap the flight to Paris, the flight was long, but the food on the plane along with the great selection of movies really helped the flight whiz by, so to speak.  Flights are never fun, in addition to the inability to sleep on the plane does not help.  Regardless, we finally landed in Paris and had a great time relaxing in the really open and modern Airport.

Ive also started a series of images everyday of the best photos of one of us from our group.  The first day goes to #mce_temp_url#.

Person Pic of the Day - Ian at the Paris Airport Looking through the Curved Concrete Wall in Awe

Paris Airport - End side of the Structure of the Terminal which connects to a Large Spanning Structural Spine

Soon enough after most of us were baking in the “Greenhouse” that was Paris Airport, we headed off to Rome.  Unfortunately I missed the sight of seeing the Eiffel Tower because I somehow managed to prop my seat back and pass right out… I guess that will just have to be another trip to another country, Paris I will be seeing you next.

Jen and Jill at the Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport

Once we landed in the Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport on the outskirts Rome, tragedy struck, Jim’s bag got lost and he was cellphone-less.  In addition the bus that was supposed to pick us up never showed.  So the next journey was all of us trying to find our way to the train station and hoping on a train to the station close to the center of Rome, Termini Station.  We valiantly found our way and eventually got on a taxi at Termini and got to our hotel, the Derby.  The taxi ride was great and although exhausted from the traveling, I was eager to see Roma.  Along the ride I was able to snag a shot of the Colosseum.

Passing by the Colosseum on my first Taxi ride through Roma.

Until next time, Ciao i Arrivederci


Key to the City Review

“Must an artwork have a single author?  If we can all participate, who made this artwork?”  This quote was just one of many that lined the cue while waiting for the ceremony for the exchanging of keys.  Yet this one stood out the most because what really dictates the author to the work of art, the person who creates the work or the people who experience the emotion.  What is art without other people to view and experience the piece? Paul Ramirez’ Key to the City completes this task of giving the power to the viewer while also giving people the chance to experience New York City’s hidden “wonders.”

The Key to the city creates a great way to bring more people to important landmarks of New York City, yet is another tool to help bring more tourism and revenue to the city. This concept for the key to the city is not the first exhibit, especially with Ramirez himself.  But the first hand experience was what made this event special as apposed to something cool you read about.  Standing on an approx 1’-6” high elevated platform layered with artificial turf and a railing encasing the podium in the middle of time square, I felt elevated and attention centered.  I witnessed that many people either loved the feeling of being at attention (I certainly did) or others were highly embarrassed from being in the limelight.  Nevertheless, Ramirez brings you power by enveloping you within the city, while giving you the key to unlock its secrets.