Typologies in Translation Analytiques

Conservatory Garden                              Villard House

St. Pauls                                                      St. Bartholomew


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Hey everybody!!!

A few weeks ago, the journey to Siena, Rome, and Naples Italy has started with a session in Newark NJ.  Im hoping to make some awesome designs and better yet engulf myself in architecture of the past and learn the great ways of the Romans. And of course also learn and embrace the culture while having a ton of fun in Italy.  I cannot wait to go.



Vito Acconci

Vito Acconci was an artist turned architect due to the challenge that architecture has in incorporating social and political aspects.  In his early studies and exhibits, he would follow people and create very strange but original ways of mapping urban contexts.  Additionally, he also made very controversial films which also propelled his creativity into almost always creating controversial and enticing works of art.

Below is the presentation that Adam Rapsziewicz and myself completed.  Click below to view the presentation and to also read the narrative that has also been incorporated into the layout.  Godere!