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Vatican Trip in Awe

With the rest of the day off on Wednesday, a bunch of us set off towards Saint Peters and Vatican City.  The Piazza is enormous and has a lot of things to see from many angles.  Besides the hordes of tourists that were pushing and shoving into the basilica, the views were great and captivating.  We set off first up to the Cupola in order to get a view of Roma like no other.  We also decided to take the stairs in its entirety; I mean that extra 2 euro can get myself a gelato (ice cream).  After about 300 steps, we were inside the dome and got a close glimpse of the detail work in the dome portion of the basilica.  The quality and shear detail was a sight to see.  No wonder Saint Peters is regarded as a masterpiece and great feat of architecture.

What came next were what literally felt like the walls caving on me.  The trip was exhausting yet the little glimpse of views from windows along the way just fueled me to keep going.  I loved every second of it because I knew I would remember this for the rest of my life.

After this portion and already dripping with sweat, we set off to the top of the Cupola and what a sight it was.  Beautiful views of Roma and also it was exciting that I could spot out by name many domes and tops of buildings.  I could take hundreds of photos and even sit there for hours and sketch the views of Roma.  We also took a little cheesy group picture which definitely worthy of Person Pic of the Day.  Also, take a look at the view I had at the top.  I couldn’t have asked for a better view of Roma.

After the breath taking views and having fun absorbing the breezes, we headed back down to the interior of the basilica.  The space was amazing and really a great feat of the Renaissance and also showed how much power the church had to commission and fund such a project.  Bring Christianity into the city and having pilgrims follow the pilgrimage road by following obelisks to end up inside Saint Peters.  It almost felt like I could never take a bad photo inside the church.  Just have a look at the pictures and you will know exactly what I mean.  Additionally, I shun the Architectural History photos that do not capture the shear vastness and volume of the space.  Many pictures make these feats of Architecture seem smaller and not as daunting.  To the architecture history professors of NJIT and possibly other schools, GET BETTER PHOTOS! In term of scale and volume, the course never conveyed this importance.

To end it all, a shot of the front of Saint Peters and the Obelisk in the middle of the piazza.  Today was truly breath taking and well worth coming.  I can only hope that I get a chance to see this again in my lifetime.