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Caprarola – Italian Countryside Trip

The trip started with a mix up in buses and the bus eventually showed up an hour late, but we had a full size bus with a very good air conditioning system.  That was definitely a great relief from the hot as hell room at the Derby.  After a good 1.5 hours of sleep, we arrived at the Villa Farnese.

The large circular staircase with frescos EVERYWHERE

Villa Farnese - The front entrance & the circular staircase

Also just as we entered the building and waited for the next tour, we got a winner for the Person Pic of the Day.  This time it goes to Flores.

Person Pic of the Day - Flores

The building is a trapezoidal shape with enormous concrete walls that served as a fortress as well as a palace for the Farnese Family.  It was truly a sight to see.  Every room around the entire main building had frescos that related to the program the room was given, but enhanced by appropriating frescos of biblical and mythological importance.  As Jim guided us around the rooms, we eventually got to the upper floor and we were able to see a great view of the town below.  Back in the rein of the Farnese family, the Family owned the entire town and mountainside for many generations in addition to influencing many important territorial and political power ie The Pope.  Jim said that many Farnese family descendents were Popes themselves.  Nevertheless the Farnese still had some tricks up their sleeves in terms of they “home away from home.”

Panoramic view from the 2nd floor of Villa Farnese

The next portion of the Villa Farnese was a large fountain garden and a smaller home up a hill an in the trees of the Farnese property.  The fountains were gorgeous and really gave a sense of tranquility and escape from the trials and tribulations of the world.  With the Farnese always being in demand based on territorial and political disputes, they needed a place to just sit back and relax.

Villa Farnese - The getaway home and its fountains

Once we got to the top of the hill and got onto the opposite side, it was time to take a group picture.  To my fellow Siena Studio mates; if you want a higher resolution picture let me know.

Group Picture at the Getaway Home at Villa Farnese

Caio and Edwins Epic Jump

Next we were off to the Villa Lante.  Unfortunately my battery was running low and I was unable to snap some pictures of the Villa.  Villa Lante was a-typical because the cross axis of the villa does not run through a building.  In fact, there are two buildings, mirror images of each other, along both sides of the axis.  What ran through the middle was the most important; it was a series of water fountains the coolest being a dining table that had a stream going through it where platters of food would travel down.  I’m starting to believe the whole notion that in Architecture many things have been done; you just need to look hard enough.  Also, similarly to Villa Farnese, the Villa Lante was perched up on the top of a hill, yet the series of fountains can be seen from the street walking all the way up.  Both buildings were great sites to see and the exit to the countryside was great.  Ill end with the source of all the water to the Villa Lante, a start that almost looks as though the water is percolating through the walls naturally, almost signifying that the site was begging to have the treatment it got.

Villa Lante Waterfall