Live+Work+SMdP=One Intense Experience Day 3

First thing in the morning, our task was to assemble into a group and venture outward into town to experience what is around Santa Maria della Pieta.  I then found myself in a group with RJ, Joann, Flores, and Shawntel.  Our trip required us to venture out into a newly developed area, social housing, farmland, uphill and downhill battles, and already developed commercial streets.  In addition to all of that, we had quite a lot to travel.  Bright idea kicked in, let all rent bikes and ride there and be able to experience lots of portion of the area and still save time for a longer free afternoon and evening.  So we all rode bikes around the entire area and we had a lot of fun filled with rat racing, pictures, laughs, and just a good ol’ time.  In addition to that, we saw many different sides to the area based on proximity and predominantly topography.  Many developments are perched on top of hills while farmland is occupied on the lowest points in elevation.  Unfortunately this concept was broken up through the introduction of a supermarket.  Supermarket = connection to food. I think NOT!

Arrivaderci, its time to go to the Vatican.

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